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6 Ways to Protect the Clothes Stored in Your Garage

  • admin
  • 13 Sep 2016
  •   Comments Off on 6 Ways to Protect the Clothes Stored in Your Garage

It’s coming up on new season and you’re ready to move your seasonal clothing out of the closet. For many people, the garage is that go-to spot for storing off-season decorations and clothing. This is a great solution. However, there are some steps you should take to help protect the clothes stored in your garage. Neighborhood Garage Door Service of  Dallas, TX has five tips to share with you to do just that!

Know what clothing you will be stored in your garage

Delicate clothing is better stored in a climate controlled storage area. These items are much more susceptible to damage from moisture and bugs. Consider using interior storage like closets for long-term storage of delicates.

delicate clothes stored in your garage

Clean all the clothing

You’re clothes might look dirty, especially if you’re pulling them out of the drawer and straight into the box. What you can’t see is the dirt, oils, sweat, skin flakes and maybe even blood that are deep in your clothing. These particles are like a buffet for the insects that are living in or around your garage. The last thing you want to is attract bugs with the tempting smell of these little bits of food.

These same particles and oils can promote the growth of the bacteria and mold that give off that familiar musky smell that garages and other storage units pick up. When washing your clothes in preparation of long-term storage, be sure to use a detergent that has the right enzymes to break down these soils.

Use appropriate storage containers

It’s easy to use old cardboard boxes you have lying around. These are not ideal for storage, especially long-term storage like off-season items. These items will likely be in your garage for around nine months or so. A lot can happen in that amount of time.

Plastic tubs can hold up much better to possible damage than cardboard boxes can. If you use your garage as a work space, things like oil spills or sawdust can cause damage to cardboard boxes. Water damage, excess dirt and dust, other airborne contaminants, and even pest infestation can be warded off by plastic tubs.

Take care of pests

If you have a known infestation in your home, garage, or even your neighborhood, this must be addressed before having clothes stored in your garage. Place bait traps and spray the appropriate insecticides throughout the garage. You may also consider a barrier spray. These can be sprayed around the perimeter of the entire home, especially entrances like your garage door.

Avoid using mothballs

Once the appropriate insecticides and traps have been placed, you will want to ward off direct access to the clothes stored in your garage. Even though you can still purchase mothballs, they are generally not safe for use in your home. They release a pesticide that can be harmful to children and pets that may gain access to them.

Natural alternatives to mothballs can be used to protect your clothes from pests. You can place cedar chips in your boxes or tubs. You can even use a cedar or cedar-lined chest or cabinet lavender chips can be used to similar effect. Not only are these safe to use, but they also have a pleasant scent to them which will help prevent that just-out-of-storage musk that clothing can get.
use cedar chips to protect the clothes stored in your garage


Clear the floor

Whether you use cardboard boxes or plastic tubs, they should be stored off the floor. We mentioned oil or other vehicle fluid spills that can cause damage. The clothes stored in your garage are also subject to water. During heavy rain, flooding in your garage can cause severe damage to your clothes. In the winter, melt-off from snowstorms can do the same.

Stacking on the floor also makes your boxes or tubs more subject to falls. Boxes should not be stacked so high that they are unstable. Consider using shelves, storage cabinets, loft storage areas, or attic space over your garage.

Bonus Tip: Upgrade your garage door

A high quality overhead door can help prevent flooding to better protect the clothes stored in your garage. A properly insulated door will also prevent drastic temperature changes. If you decide it’s time upgrade your garage door, call us at Neighborhood Garage Door Service of Dallas, TX. Our customer service representatives are ready to help you pick out the perfect door for your home. Our professional technicians are fully qualified to install the door you choose. Call today!

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